There Are No Fairy God Mothers In This World
They say it's what you make 
I say it's up to fate


You close your eyes and the glory fades

Ready, aim, fire

Ready, aim, fire away


Women want to date a man who TAKES CONTROL. Who’s a natural born LEADER. Who will PARACHUTE INTO ENEMY TERRITORY. A man who has PUNCHED OUT HITLER OVER 200 TIMES.

Women want to date STEVE ROGERS.


there’s a good reason the westboro baptist church are against gay marriage they just haven’t thought of it yet


*wakes up at 4 am in a cold sweat* i hope bucky barnes is doing ok

We DEFINITELY put the rule “No crying in mountain biking” to the test tonight. After a few hills, a broken helmet and and ambulance call for a buddy, and some seriously nasty granola bars, I finally feel like me again.

You know you’re growing up when you want to sleep not with the ‘bad guy’ but with the ‘good guy making bad choices’